Delivery CSA

In 2019 we offer four Delivery Memberships which are described below and five Farmstand Memberships which are described here.

Order Delivery Memberships online at this link or mail in this form.

Between 8-12 different produce items each week from mid-May through October. See below for examples of monthly boxes throughout the season.

1/2 pound spinach
2 heads of lettuce
3/4 pound of cooking greens
(either kale, chard, or bok choy)
1# peas or green beans
1 bunch of beets
1 bunch of scallions
2 pounds of zucchini/summer squash
1 pound of broccoli

2 pounds of potatoes
1 pound of eggplant
3-4 sweet peppers
2-3 onions
1 garlic bulb
1 pound of zucchini/summer squash
1 pound of cucumbers
2 icebox watermelons
4 pounds of slicing/heirloom tomatoes
1 pint of cherry tomatoes
1 pound of green beans

2 pounds of sweet potatoes
2 pounds of winter squash
1 bunch of beets or 1 bunch of carrots
1 pound of broccoli or 1 head of cabbage
1/2 pound of spinach
1/2 pound of salad mix or 1 head lettuce
1 bunch of kale, chard or collards,
2-3 sweet peppers
1 pound of green beans

All pickup locations are sold out except Fresh Pasture Farm in Millstadt
at Sucrose Bakery in St. Charles on Wednesdays, 1-6PM   -SOLD OUT-
at 410 Melville in University City on Wednesdays, 1-7PM   -SOLD OUT-
at 7602 Marion Court in Maplewood on Wednesdays, 1-7PM   -SOLD OUT-
at Schlafly Farmers Market on Wednesdays, 3-7PM   -SOLD OUT-
at Fresh Pasture Farm in Millstadt on Thursdays, 1-5:30PM
at Studio Gaia in Edwardsville on Thursdays, 4-7PM   -SOLD OUT-
at Tower Grove Farmers Market on Saturdays, 7AM-Noon   -SOLD OUT-
Let us know your choice of pickup location on the order checkout page.
If you go on vacation, you are welcome to have a family member, neighbor, or friend pick up your share or you can schedule a different week for pick up.

24 boxes, delivered weekly mid-May-October - $670 
This share will give you the full season experience from early spring through our peak summer season and concludes with our fall season selections.  The weekly share is the most economical option per box and is perfect for families who prioritize healthy eating and home cooking.

12 boxes, delivered every-other-week from mid-May-October - $360 
This share includes the same seasonal selections we pack in the weekly box, but delivered every-other-week.  This membership is great for individuals, couples or families who want to experience the full season, but need less produce.

10 boxes, delivered weekly from June 13th - August 15th - $360
This shorter season share features summer produce grown during the peak of our season.  Weekly value of this box can range between $40-$50.  Box contents include our most valuable and greatest quantities of summer favorites: green beans, cucumbers, zucchini and squash, sweet peppers, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, melons, onions, potatoes and more.

10 boxes delivered mid-May-October on the weeks of your choice - $360
This membership allows you to choose which weeks you want to receive a delivery.  This is a popular selection for members in smaller households or those that travel frequently for work or summer vacations.  A delivery calendar will be emailed to you to select preliminary delivery dates.  You will be able to make changes to your schedule throughout the season as long as you let us know by noon on Tuesday of the week of the change.


We have Apple, Egg and Preserving Add-On Shares for any of our Delivery CSA Members!

2 pounds of apples delivered every week or every-other-week along with your CSA vegetable box beginning the first week of September through October
8 Week Apple Share - $33
4 Week Apple Share - $17

A current CSA member turned us on to this great little orchard in Edwardsville, IL called Liberty Apple Orchard. It is owned by Lugene and Steve Miller. They grow 13 unique apple varieties that pair well with our climate. As a result, the orchard is low spray and uses IPM practices to manage the orchard and the surrounding environment. Varieties include Jonathan, Gala, McIntosh, Blondee, Empire, Cortland, Liberty, Fuji, Braeburn, Enterprise, Candcrisp, Goldrush and Granny Smith.

a dozen eggs delivered every week or every other week based on your CSA membership
Weekly (24 weeks) Egg Share - $145
Every-Other-Week (12 weeks) Egg Share - $72
Our members have been clamoring for an egg option for years and we are finally happy to announce that we are partnering with Fresh Pasture Farms out of Millstadt, IL in 2018 to provide eggs for our CSA members. Fresh Pasture Farms’ laying hens are raised to the same high standards we hold for our own: pasture based, non-GMO feed, soy-free and locally milled right on their farm. Their eggs are high quality with dark yellow yolks.

Available only to those purchasing a vegetable CSA membership. Each vegetable quantity listed is $36.
We have preserving quantities of a few vegetables available during the growing season. Please be prepared for an email during the time frame listed for each vegetable to coordinate. By purchasing these quantities upfront, we are able to plan and prioritize growing them for each customer. If we are unable to fulfill your order, we will issue a refund.
20# roma tomatoes (late July through mid-September)
15# pickling cucumbers (June, July, and August)
20# green cabbage for sauerkraut (June)
15# greens (spinach, kale or chard; June or October)


A variety of Pick-Your-Own (PYO) vegetables, herbs, and flowers.
A weekly email during the harvest season with farm news and recipes.
Access to Three Rivers Farm's 12 acres of land for recreational use (take a walk, nap, have a picnic, anytime!)
Opportunities for swapping produce and purchasing bulk items when available.


Choose One Of Our Four Delivery Memberships
and Add-On Apple, Egg and Preserving Shares

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